Chewy Chocolate Chip & Walnut Cookies


How would you describe your favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies? Soft, Chewy, a bit crunchy, such that it melts in your mouth? If this sounds like your thoughts, then you’ll be pleased to know that its very easy to create these in your own kitchen, that too, without much fuss! If you’ve ever baked before, you’ll be familiar with Dorie Greenspan’s name – yes, the famous baker who’s created so many delicious desserts that you’ll fall in love with her even if you look at one of her recipe books!

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Milkshake from Avocado

There’s no doubt in my mind that people all over the world love Avocados, and yet this deliciously healthy fruit is under-utilized, mostly because they think it has no taste. In fact, its lack of taste becomes its greatest strength, because now you can add Avocados to almost any recipe that calls for a creamy ingredient, and its subtle green color will not overpower any other ingredient, at the same time enhancing the taste and texture of your recipe. Truly a star ingredient, wouldn’t you agree?


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